Early Mornings

Hey everyone!

So, it's pretty unusual for me to be up and writing a post this early in the morning (it's currently 9:08 AM). I am most definitely NOT a morning person, and I find it to be very, very difficult to drag my sleepy butt out of bed in the mornings.

However, this morning, I had a meeting with one of my professors scheduled for 9:00 this morning. I ended up being about 20 minutes early, and the meeting only lasted about five minutes. So here I am at school two hours before I have to work. 

While it really isn't fun getting up early, I sort of like being awake in the morning. I feel like I have so much more time to get things done and so much more to see. Right now, I'm getting all of my homework done so I can enjoy myself after work tonight. It's kind of nice getting everything done in the morning and then having the rest of the day to myself!

I think I'd like to be a morning person, but I don't really see that ever happening...I stay up way too late for that haha!

Are you a morning person?


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