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New Semester Stress

Hi there! Today I'll be ranting, sorry about that aha...
On Monday, I started school again. I'm currently a sophomore in college.
Usually, I don't mind the school I go to. But so far this semester, it's been nothing but headaches. Let me explain.
I go to a two-year university. Since I am pursuing a four-year degree, this means that I will go here for two years, and then transfer to a four-year university. I did this because the school I currently go to is twenty minutes from home and is quite a few thousand dollars cheaper. I decided to go to this school so that I could save money, and hopefully have less debt when I finally graduate. (Also my parents can keep cooking for me and doing my laundry and I can still have my cat, haha)
The problem with going to a two-year school and then transferring to another school is that the two schools, though technically in the same university system, work separately. It is my job to figure out what classes will actually count toward…

What I Did In 2014