Becoming a Runner

I have never been, by any means, a runner. I am in no way athletic, sporty, or fit. The only time I ever did any running was when they made me in high school, and even then I did it grudgingly. I've always rolled my eyes when people said they loved running, or who couldn't go a day without going for a run.
However, I have always been extremely jealous of those people. Though I rolled my eyes, I've always wished for the feeling that I had to run, or even that I wanted to run. I went my whole life without doing anything about it. I just decided that I wasn't a runner, and I wasn't going to be.
Luckily, I have changed my attitude about that, and now I know that, with some work, anyone can become a runner if they want to be.
Here are some tips if, like me, you are interested in taking up running, but don't know how.
1. Just get out and go.
This seems obvious, but really, the hardest thing is dragging my butt out of bed at 6 am to run before nine hours of work late…

The Wild Wood and the Haunts of Nature

In early April, when the weather finally started getting warmer, I took a little road trip to see the Seven Bridges Park in Milwaukee.

This gorgeous covered bridge is why I came to this park. At the very start of the trail, you walk across this bridge, which reads:
Enter this wild wood and view the haunts of nature.

The beautiful wooded trail led right to the beach of Lake Michigan.

I wish that I'd had more time to explore the many trails, but I suppose that just means that I get to come back sometime soon!

May the God given peace of this leafy solitude rest upon and abide with thee.

Exploring the Domes

If you travel to downtown Milwaukee, you may see three large, glass domes standing out among the buildings. 

That would be the Mitchell Domes, a park just outside of the busyness of the city that houses three giant greenhouses. Each dome has a theme: a tropical dome, a desert dome, and then a show dome that changes throughout the year.

The show dome was under construction when we were there, but we were able to go inside and see their progress. The theme is "Alice in Wonderland".

Discovering Art in Milwaukee

On a recent trip to Milwaukee, I spent a day wandering around the Milwaukee Art Museum.

First of all, the architecture of the building is incredible. The "wings" of the roof are opened up each morning and closed at night, and they "flap" closed and open again each day at noon. 
And really, you just can't beat that gorgeous view of Lake Michigan!

The art inside was truly incredible. We spent the entire day looking at all of the pieces.
Luckily, I went with my sister, who studied art in college, so she was able to point out important artists and tell me about their work and the movements they were involved in. 

By far, the coolest thing was a piece of interactive art. It was literally just a light in a room and a fog machine, but we spent such a long time playing with the effects in this room.

The Baker Compact Dictionary of Biblical Studies

The Baker Compact Dictionary of Biblical Studies is exactly what is sounds like. A though Z, it details and defines Biblical terms that aid readers and scholars alike in understanding the Bible and other Biblical texts.
For each term, we get the definition, some places where it is mentioned in the Bible, and some context. Even though I am not a Biblical scholar, it was still very fun and interesting just to flip through, and I did find myself reaching for it a time or two while I was just reading my Bible at home.
I have a friend who is a Bible student, and I think this would be a perfect gift for her! This small and compact resource is packed full of information, and I would recommend it to scholars who are looking for a resource to carry around with them!
*I received a free copy of this book from the publisher to review. I was not required to write a positive review.

Pierced and Embraced by Kelli Worrall | Review

"Heartrending truth all wrapped up in mind-blowing grace. A piercing embrace. That is our Jesus."

Pierced and Embraced by Kelli Worrall is all about the piercing love of Christ. It is a love that is sometimes painful, with "grace filled jabs"that show us the truth. With this book, Kelli Worrall shows us the love of the Lord in His wonderful combination of truth and grace. He pierces our heart and soul while bringing us into an embrace. 
She uses examples of how Jesus interacted with women in the Bible. Through these stories, we see Jesus interact with women, show them a truth in their life that is painful to them, and embraces them with love and grace. Then, we see how this is reflected in our own lives. 
What I loved the most is how much Kelli Worrall really delved into the details of each story, which made it make much more sense for me, and made it so much more impactful. 
Both the author and I would recommend reading this with a journal nearby, for reflection a…

The Heart Between Us by Lindsay Harrell | Review

Megan lived with a heart disease for many years, until another family's tragedy gives her a new heart and a second chance at life. Megan's twin sister, Crystal, lives the perfect, successful life.
When the family of Megan's heart donor contacts her, they give her their daughter's journal, containing a bucket list of things she wanted to do before she died. Along with her sister, Megan goes on a journey to complete all of the items on the bucket list.

I am completely in love with this plot, but I felt that the writing wasn't at 100%. This gave me such intense wanderlust, which I loved, but I wished the author hadn't skipped so much of the travel. I wanted to hear everything about each place they went! Instead, the author skipped over a few places and items on the list, and went on to a later one. It was kind of cheesy sometimes, but probably because of the travel and the fact that they go to Scotland (Scotland rules!), I couldn't help but love this a little…