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Life Update: March

Hey there! I have been a terrible blogger recently, and I'm sorry about that. I have just been soooo busy, so I thought I'd let you guys know what's been going on in my life.
I started a new job! A couple of weeks ago I started working in a craft store called Hobby Lobby. I'm still pretty new, so it's a little scary still, but I really enjoy my job there so far. Also, it makes buying tons and tons of yarn more affordable :DI recently made a Facebook page which I talked about in my last post. Basically, I post stuff I knit/crochet and people can ask me to make one for them. This past week, I've gotten four new orders- I'm making 3 ninja turtles and a Minnie Mouse. This is my first round of orders since I made the page, so that's pretty exciting!In the fall, I'm moving two hours away from home to a new city to start at a new university. This morning, I filled out my housing application. I've also been buying some things for my room there, and I…

Heidi's Creations

Hey there! So some fun things have happened this week.
First, I've started working again. I applied a ton of places and finally decided on Hobby Lobby. I love knitting and sewing and other crafty things, so I thought it would be a really good fit for me! My first day was yesterday, and though I didn't do much other than signing paperwork and watching boring safety videos, I liked it, and I think I'm really gonna enjoy working there.
Also, I've been looking for a way to sell things I make. Like I said before, I love making things and crafty things, and I often have people ask me to make them things. So, I've started a Facebook page called Heidi's Creations, where I'll be posting things I make for people to buy.

This affects you guys, too! If you take a look at the page and find something you like, I'm happy to make you one! You can request things I post in other sizes or colors, or new things altogether! Unfortunately, right now I'm going to have to…