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From Wisconsin to California

Hello guys!
Last week, I went on vacation with my family. We drove from Wisconsin all the way to California and back. 

We drove through Wisconsin to Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and stopped in Reno, Nevada for a few days. We went into California a few days in a row but stayed in Reno each night. Going home, we drove through Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota, and then back to Wisconsin.
One of the first places we stopped on the trip was the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It really is huge! You could hardly see the land on the other side.

Shortly after than, we saw the Bonneville Salt flats. It's literally miles and miles of natural salt covering the ground, and it's where quite a few speed records have been set.

In Reno, Nevada, we stayed in a hotel called Circus Circus. 

It was huge! There was a gigantic casino, stores, restaurants, and a huge circus midway inside. There were a bunch of really cool free performances all day by some really talented performers.…