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Banned Books

Today, I want to talk about an issue that is really important to me- banned books.

Reading is a huge part of my life. My mom read to me tons as a kid. My older sister used to teach me letters and words she'd learned in school before I was old enough to go. I told my kindergarten teacher on the first day that I was only there to learn to read better. I was reading chapter books like Stuart Little by the time I was 5. Even now, I'm going to school to become a book editor, so that I can (hopefully) read for a living, and be responsible for discovering the next big, beloved book.
Reading was made fun. My mom, sister, and I would cuddle up together in my mom's big bed, and we would read out loud to each other. While my mom did most of the reading, my sister and I took our turns, too. It was fun time that we were able to spend together and hear wonderful stories.

One of the things that we read together was the Harry Potter series. I loved these books, and I still do. As a kid, …

Disappointment in University of Wisconsin

Unfortunately, today is another rant. I feel bad doing two rants in a row, but things have been getting worse and worse, I really just need to talk about what is going on. Also, I'm hoping that I might help someone to avoid what is happening to me.

I am enrolled in my fourth semester at a college in the University of Wisconsin system. In the past few weeks, I have had nothing but problems and disappointment with them that really should have been avoided.
I signed up for an online class since the class I needed on campus filled up. However, I dropped that class and enrolled in a different online class instead. As I did all of this weeks before the deadline to add/drop classes, it should not have been a problem. However, the fees for both classes are still showing up in my tuition breakdown. University of Wisconsin is asking me to pay $125 for a class I dropped before the semester even started. 
In addition, when I looked at my tuition breakdown, I also saw a fee for more than $900…