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Birthday Adventure

Yesterday was my 19th birthday (yay!), so I decided to spend the day at one of my favorite places in the cabin on a lake! It is so peaceful and beautiful there.

Those ducks are just too cute!
When I got home late last night, I opened my presents. I've been wanting to learn to crochet, so my sister got me an instruction book! I've been working on it, and I'm starting to get better! I also got some lipstick, the movie Die Hard (from back when Bruce Willis still had hair), and t-shirt with Olaf from Frozen on it!
Here is my very first attempt at crochet. It's not exactly straight, but I'm getting there!

Finally, here is the best part. Instead of cake, my mom makes me peanut butter pie, which is probably the yummiest thing ever!!!

It's peanut butter, cool whip, and cream cheese mixed together in an Oreo crust and put in the freezer for four hours. Then, when it's hard, take it out and drizzle caramel and melted chocolate over the top. So easy, and d…

Summer 2014 Playlist

I don't know why, but when I hear some songs, all I can think is "summer". Even if the lyrics have nothing to do with sunshine or beaches, they somehow make me think of summer. Each summer, whenever I hear these songs, I put them into a playlist. It builds all summer, but here's a glimpse at my summer 2014 playlist!

Go All Night- Radiodriveby [song]Here's To The Times- ByStarlight [song]She Looks So Perfect- 5 Seconds of Summer songWaiting For Superman- Daughtry [song]The Warrior- Scandal [song]Boomerang- The Summer Set [song] I totally recommend checking these songs out!!!

Chalk Fest

Hello there! I'm so sorry it's been so long, I've been so busy! I don't know why I have to be so busy, I'm supposed to be on summer vacation!

Anyways, I wanted to tell you all about something they do in my town called Chalk Fest. This is when people have the chance to draw anything they want on the sidewalk of a block in town, and can even win prizes! This took place late last week.

Unfortunately, I went to look at the artwork at night so I couldn't get any decent pictures, but trust me when I say that they were amazing!

The whole block was completely filled with incredible drawings. I was kind of surprised by how many amazing drawings there were, and how many people in my town are so incredibly talented! (Not me, I can't even draw a straight line let alone a huge chalk masterpiece.) Another thing I found was really cool was that the drawings were so good and detailed, they didn't even look like chalk drawings. They looked like they were painted on a ca…