Shopping Adventure

As my birthday is coming up, my parents have been asking me what I want. This year, instead of asking for presents, I've asked my parents to take me to Minnesota to visit the Mall of America! MOA has over 520 stores, where I can buy all kinds of things I can't get at home!

Here are some of the stores that I don't have near me that I'm really excited to visit:

  • American Apparel
  • Charlotte Russe
  • Coach
  • Delia's
  • Forever21 
  • H&M
  • LUSH
  • MAC
  • Pacsun
  • Sephora
  • Silver Jeans Co.
  • The Body Shop
  • Vans
  • Wet Seal

You can find the full list of all the stores and restaurants MOA has here

I'm also excited to eat at the Rainforest Cafe! I don't think I'll ever get too old for that place. 

I'm really looking forward to this trip and can't wait to see what I'll find there! I just need to remember not to spend too much.

Have you ever been to MOA? Which stores/restaurants are your favorite?


  1. Did you already go?

    1. Yep! I wrote a post about it :)


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