365 Devotions for Living Joyfully by Victoria York | Review

I recently read 365 Devotions for Living Joyfully by Victoria York.

This devotion shares a verse for each day along with a couple of short paragraphs encouraging the reader to take on life with a more positive perspective in order to live with more joy. There is also a short prayer at the end of each devotion. 
It is ideal to start reading this on January 1st, since the date is printed on the top of each page. You would read one page every day for a year. Also, this is definitely geared toward women. 
The book itself is a beautiful, small hardcover. It is very sturdy. The pages are shiny and glossy, and there is a pretty ribbon bookmark (though it was stuck to the pages and left a mark when it arrived).
Overall, I really enjoyed this devotional. I thought that the material was really well written and stood out to me in a new way. I would recommend this to someone, and I gave it 4/5 stars.
xx Heidi
*I received a free copy of this for review from the publisher via BookLook Bloggers as …

Included In Christ by Heather Holleman | Review

Included In Christ by Heather Holleman is an 8-week study of Ephesians geared toward women, with a focus on individual verbs in the verses that influence our lives and our perception of ourselves. While this can be done individually, it is geared toward a group.

As I mentioned earlier, each chapter focuses on a verb for the week. This was a really cool and interesting concept, and was done very well. Focusing on individual words really brought the verses into a new light for me and gave me new things to consider. 
What you need to do this Bible study is your Bible and a journal. There are a ton of journaling prompts each day in the study. Holleman asks the reader to do lots of journaling, reflection, and imagining. She includes space for journaling, but I would recommend having your own journal. I would also recommend leaving yourself plenty of time to journal and really think about your responses. This way, you're able to give it enough thought.
She also includes resources for wr…

Kids' NIV Visual Study Bible | Review

This NIV Bible, by Zonderkidz, is intended to allow children to read the Bible along with images that will allow them to really explore and understand the stories, people, places, and history. It also had footnotes all throughout the Bible, as it is a study Bible intended for learning.
I honestly didn't think that the Bible had that many images in it, just a few small ones every few pages. I didn't think that it had enough pictures to call itself a "visual" study Bible. However, the images included were very interesting, and the rest of the study material was informative and done well, in my opinion. It was all well organized, too.
The Bible is hardcover and very sturdy. I think it would hold up well over a long period of time. It has the nice glossy pages, Bible-thin of course. It has a nice ribbon attached to mark your place. 
Overall, I didn't think that this Bible was special really, or better in any way than lots of other study Bibles for kids that I have s…

Art at 2,000 Degrees

Earlier this summer, my family and I decided that we wanted to try something new. So, we signed up for a class and locked ourselves in a sweltering room for a day. We tried glass blowing!

First of all, we all showed up wearing flip flops and shorts, a big no-no when it comes to dealing with melted glass that's about 2,000 degrees. However, after the instructor assured us that, "eh, it'll be fine", we headed into the studio to start working.

We picked out what kind of project we wanted to do, picked out what colors we wanted, and got right to work.

I was really surprised by how much work the instructor had us do on our projects. Of course, she helped make sure I didn't completely ruin my piece, but I actually heated, shaped, and worked the glass, and blew the glass into shape at the end. 

I decided to make a bowl. So, after blowing into the tube to shape the glass into a sphere, I had to take a big breath in to create the indent in the bowl.

After we finished our…

Anger: Taming a Powerful Emotion by Gary Chapman REVIEW

The purpose of this book, overall, is to pinpoint and examine the purpose and origin of anger. It is with this in mind that a person will then be able to control their anger. 
Anger is defined as "a strong passion or emotion of displeasure, and usually antagonism, excited by a sense of injury of insult". This illustrates that anger is a response, fed by feelings of disappointment, hurt, rejection, and embarrassment. It is a response that causes us irritation, frustration, pain, and other displeasure.
One common mistake that people make is trying not to be angry at all. We bottle it up, which just causes explosions later. However, Chapman emphasizes that anger comes from the very nature God, as God experiences anger 375 times in the Old Testament alone. Anger comes from our concern for justice and rightness. 
Chapman uses examples from his own experiences and from what he has witnessed as a counselor. The main outcome of this book is for the reader to learn how to make anger…

The Red Letter Words of Jesus by Jack Countryman REVIEW

This book is a daily devotional. Each day, there is a Bible verse which is a quote of Jesus, with devotional material on the next page, starting with the book of Matthew.
I actually really enjoyed reading through this. The verses that the picked are ones that I know and have read many times, but they really stood out to me and meant much more in this devotion with the lesson they included. I wrote down and journaled for almost every verse, and I recommend that other readers do the same. I also recommend reading just a page or two each day, and going through it slowly. 
The physical book itself is gorgeous. It has a soft leathery cover, with engravings along the edges near the spine. The pages are soft and shiny, but sturdy. 
The only thing that I didn't like is that is just kind of ends. There is an introduction at the beginning, but no kind of wrap up at the end, which I would have liked.
Overall, I gave this 3/5 stars. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a light devotion…

A Journey to Victorious Praying by Bill Thrasher | Review

"When our heart ceases to pray, we are not praying." -Bill Thrasher

A Journey to Victorious Praying by Bill Thrasher was written to give readers a revival and reawakening in their prayer lives. You know that your prayer life has died when you pray without expectancy of any outcome, and I feel safe in saying that we all eventually reach that point. When this happens, we have to ask, "Why pray?" That is where this book comes in. We need to let the Holy Spirit move us, and guide and empower us in prayer. True prayer starts with God and the prayer burden He places on our heart. Also, it is thanksgiving (not just prayer and supplication) that truly brings us to peace. Finally, do not forget to share your real concerns, burdens, and desires with God. He already knows all of them, but getting them out in the open with God will lighten our burden.
The book is split into sections for daily reading, perfect for those who want to focus on smaller sections at a time, or do not…